Commercial Projects

I'd like to thank these wonderful businesses that have opened their doors to me and let me try to capture the spirit of their business.  I'd love to work with you to tell the story about your business.

jack pine-15.jpg

Jack Pine Brewery

Jack Pine Brewery was one of my first stops on my "It's Better Here" campaign.  The brewery has since expanded and moved to a beautiful new facility.  I've been back several times to visit, and hope to shoot their again in the near future.

boomer pizza (1 of 1)-17.jpg

Boomer Pizza

Scratch made, wood-fired pizza that fills the belly and nourishes the soul.  Enough said!

sculptor (1 of 1)-7.jpg

Sculptor Jeff Kreitz

Whether its abstract or realistic, Jeff  designs works of art utilizing the colors and characteristics of steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and aluminum that will last. His unique style blends art and craftsmanship. 


The beautiful outdoor wedding space available at the Marshall Golf Club. This one-of-a-kind space allows engaged couples to have their wedding ceremony and wedding reception in one location. I look forward to shooting many weddings here in the years to come.


Swede Steele Works

Some shots of some great metal sculptures by Chris Swedzinski.