My name is Brian Jeremiason.  My love for photography began when I was very young.  My Grandpa Bob owned the newspaper in the small town of Wabasso, MN.  When we would visit my grandparents, who lived in an apartment above the newspaper, we would often go downstairs with Grandpa Bob to his shop.  He had typeset machines, printing presses, and an amazing little dark room for developing pictures.  I was fascinated by how he could make an image appear out of nowhere.  My goal is to bring that wonder out in the images I create, capturing memories and finding something special in each moment. 

I offer weddings, family photos, senior portraits, event photography, corporate projects and pretty much any other photographic service. I’d love to visit with you and customize a wedding package to capture the biggest day of your life, or a special portrait session to remember life's little moments along the way.

I'm based in Southwest Minnesota but love to travel and explore.  I'm happiest when I am surrounded by my family and friends.