Blake Nelson bracelets.jpg
both teams in front of memorial.jpg
both teams wore #flyhighdonnie shirts for the ceremony and second game.jpg
crowd and teams.jpg
Fly High Donnie.jpg
Grady Moorse hat.jpg
JD and Keven addressing teams and crowd.jpg
JD Pesch talking to team.jpg
memorial for Donnie in centerfield.jpg
seniors ready to unveil sign.jpg
teams and fans coming out to center for ceremony.jpg
Alex Pohlen at bat.jpg
Alex Pohlen running.jpg
Austin DeVlaeminck at bat.jpg
Alex Pohlen scores winning run on a wild pitch.jpg
Blake Nelson and coach Larson.jpg
Dawson Starting Pitcher.jpg
Dawson mound meeting.jpg
Mark Laleman steals 2nd 2.jpg
Dawson Pitcher Schmidt on the mound with Fly High Donnie shirt.jpg
Mark Laleman Steals 2nd 3.jpg
Dawson team in Donnie shirts.jpg
Mark Laleman steals 2nd.jpg
Henry Pesch slides into 3rd.jpg
Thomas Hennen Threw a shuthout.jpg
Landon Abraham and Preston Nuy.jpg
Preston on the mound (2).jpg
Preston on the mound.jpg
Team played loose and fun for Donnie.jpg
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